The Future Is Ours to Create by Wayne Saalman



IN THE CURRENT PANDEMIC-RIDDEN, climate challenged, politically polarized environment in which we are clearly living today, we humans appear to be heading steeply toward dystopia and retreating ever further from the possibility of creating any form of utopian wonder world upon this planet of ours, which is troubling indeed.


Whether or not this is genuinely true, however, the current situation does make invoking positivity and cooperation more crucial than ever.


At a personal level, how do we stay positive when ideological belief seems to take precedence over fact by so many?


To put the dimensions of that possibility into a scenario of stark contrast, we need only look at the magnitude of challenge we faced at the dawn of the atomic era.


At some point in the early stages of that era, someone came up with the clever acronym M.A.D., which stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. In effect, it implies that if one nation sets the rockets flying against another, those under attack will launch their own arsenal and then it will be, “Goodbye, world” for all of us.


In the atomic and the nuclear theaters, 99% of the human race is excluded from the decision making process, a process where the stakes are so high that virtually every man, woman and child, every animal and sea creature, every plant on the entire planet will either die a swift and fiery death or a very agonizing, slow and painful one of excruciating proportions.


Consider the following stunning fact to really visualize the dimensions of this situation: the combined atomic bomb power in today’s world is said to be the equivalent of one million Hiroshimas.


One million Hiroshimas…


Talk about a staggering fact!


Now imagine all-out war in light of that fact.


Or perhaps we had better not! Perhaps we had better believe that the world’s leaders, right around the globe, are all wise and fair-minded individuals who understand that Mutually Assured Destruction is to be avoided at all costs.


If the atomic arsenal is set loose, of course, there will not even be a dystopia left for any of us, let alone some mythical utopia of our dreams.


This is not the case, however, in terms of either a biological pandemic, climate change or the polarization of our politics. In comparison to the devastation of an all-out nuclear war, as it were, these are significantly lesser in magnitude and scope, and above all, manageable to a very high degree. In other words, action can be taken; compromises can be achieved; time is still on our side, however slight it might be! Each of us has a voice and a choice. We can take steps at a personal level to turn things around in the arena of climate change, for example, and demand that our government, corporate and industrial leaders act decisively at once to relieve the ever-escalating climate related issues we face just as our leaders have taken action against a viral pandemic right around the globe.


Surely we can set our polarized, ideological beliefs aside in the name of saving the planet. Surely climate change is the unique, singular concern which can be seen by one and all as a Mutually Assured Detriment; another form of M.A.D.


The Planet Earth is the only home we have, after all. We know this.


Therefore, for the love of our children and all the generations to come, why not work together to fight climate change as we are globally cooperating with each other in order to defeat the coronavirus regardless of where our loyalties lie on the political spectrum?


Let us act wisely, please, and take action on climate change once we have the current pandemic is under control, for we have learned a valuable lesson: humanity can act in concert. Humanity can think globally. Humanity can plainly see how the future is ours to create.

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