The Ultimate Spiritual Game Changer by Wayne Saalman


DANGER IS A GAME-CHANGER. We know that. We sometimes want that and are willing to risk quite a lot for it for any number of reasons. Perhaps it is because we feel as if there is no excitement in our life or maybe we have been living our life too timidly. Perhaps we are simply feeling unfulfilled, but cannot say why. We, therefore, want to spice things up. We want more fun, more exhilaration, more sensuality.


And so we humans screech across the sky at supersonic speeds, thunder up mountains on motorcycles and risk our very lives racing cars around treacherous circuits in the hope of winning a prestigious trophy. We go daringly down into the proverbial Valley of Death via all manner of vehicles, including drink and drugs, which make their way into our bloodstream to carry us to surreal places of heightened pleasure and sensual intensity.


Do we do that for the sheer buzz of it? Do we humans routinely play with fire, seeking out the more dangerous exploits to be had, the ones that thrill in the extreme, just to feel more fully alive?


In many cases, that is almost certainly true, but most of us know that we don’t have to risk life and limb to feel more fully alive.


To feel more fully alive, we need only be more aware of our every thought, word and deed, and to be more attuned to our emotional state and our own physicality.


A high octane life is about energy and drive, but it can be about charging forth in a smart way or a dangerously foolish way.


The wise will choose the former over the latter.


Smart living begins with consuming the kind of food and drink that enhances physical wellbeing and boosts energy. It begins with mentally firing ourselves up, motivating ourselves to be focused and disciplined in whatever activity we choose to undertake.


Fortunately, in this day and age, there are literally thousands of books to read on the subject of motivation, health and fitness. There are countless gurus to consult. We humans now have a huge arsenal of knowledge at our disposal advising us as to what we can do to enjoy maximum health and what not to do if we are really serious about achieving our goals.


Above all, we now know that stress is the number one cause of most diseases, which means that whatever can be done to diminish stress in our lives is the prudent action to take. Stress releases harmful chemicals, such as adrenaline and cortisol, into the body, which can result in inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been shown to be the primary catalyst to almost every major disease there is.


As for mental equilibrium, nothing is more effective for cultivating neurocognitive balance than meditation and mindfulness. If one is seeking a game-changer of a positive nature, these are the ones that serve us best.


Meditation serves us by facilitating downtime on a regular basis in our lives so that we can rest and recuperate, and have some respite from the daily grind. It allows us to enjoy a bit of vital and well-deserved tranquility. It also sharpens mental acuity and helps us to notice any diminishment in our energy levels and emotional wellbeing.


Mindfulness serves us likewise by sharpening mental acuity while we are out in the world in the rush of things. A higher state of awareness at every moment can mean the difference between getting caught up or not caught up in other people’s dramas, most of which are fomented by unconscious behaviors; the ones that can trigger anger, disdain, irritation, resentment, jealousy, envy or any number of other sentiments or passions that can drain us of our wellbeing.


Mindfulness is like radar. It helps us to pick up the subtle signs of trouble in advance, so that we can steer clear of problems and not get involved with those who unconsciously foment upset, distress and violence. It allows us to sense potential trouble within, as well, most of which starts with a subtle hint of anxiety, with the sense that something just doesn’t feel quite right.


When we feel a sense of unease like that we need to take action at once and make every effort to mentally make our way to the source of that anxiety. Intelligent reflection and disciplined insight can generally root out the problem that is nagging at us in the back of the mind and bring it to the fore so that the problem can be solved before it spins out of control.


In short, to feel more fully alive, we don’t need to seek out a game-changer that carries mental, emotional or physical risk to us. We need only amp up our awareness, focus our minds on positive goals and take full conscious control of what we think, say and do.


There’s a popular saying going around at the moment: “In my discipline lies my success.”


That prescription may not sound overly exciting or electrifying, nor carry the charge of a mind-blowing visionary revelation, but for millenniums discipline has been shown to be a crucially effective strategy for delivering up a fulfilling and enlightening result.


Such a prescription may just be the ultimate spiritual game-changer.




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