The Higher the Love, the More Luminous the Life by Wayne Saalman


THE LIGHT THAT FORMS THE FLESH is the same light that catalyzes neural pathways in the brain and fills the bloodstream with all those electrochemical neurotransmitters that spawn such powerful emotions within us. It is the same light that illuminates the mind and generates dreams and visions.


We humans are “beings of light” in a very literal sense.


While the Sun may be the obvious, primary source of light in our world, it is the quantum field that gives rise to the atoms and molecules that make up the stellar activity that surrounds us in the cosmos. Those atoms and elements also make up our very bodies.


Whether there is a “God” who created the quantum field is open to argument, but invariably for those who believe in such a Supreme Deity that Being is depicted as the ultimate source of light and love.


One does not need to believe in “God” to feel inspired by light and love, however. All of us find inspiration and love in our own way even if we are hardcore materialists. As most of us know, there are countless stories of inventive scientists who have experienced world-changing inspiration – their insights and visions coming to them unexpectedly from out the blue in some inexplicable fashion – and this in a cosmos believed to have exploded into being purely by chance.


When we feel inspired, there is the sense that we are filled with light. Words and images often spring to mind unbidden in this state and, as a result, we might write a song, a poem or gain the entire plot of a novel. We might “see” a way to formulate an important scientific theory or suddenly perceive an answer to whatever has been in question in our life of late.


When stimulated thought is coupled with a genuine love of whatever subject matter has us enraptured in the moment, we can feel “brilliant” or “incandescent” even. We are “excited” just as photons are excited into more radiant states by a process of intensification.


A powerful, stimulated state of being can fill us with so much positive emotion, in fact, that we can find ourselves brimming with a sense of happiness and well-being.


In stark contrast, when we are uninspired, we are in a “dark mood”. People who endure a dark mood over a lengthy stretch of time are said to be in a “dark place”, one that is so emotionally painful to the person that he or she feels stressed almost all of the time. Stress of that intensity can cause the person to lash out at others or erupt into tragically violent behavior. Such a person might even feel the urge to escape this world completely and do away with his or her own life.


Being in a “dark place” stems from physical, mental or emotional experiences of one kind or another, but the feeling that overwhelms someone in that state is that there is a constriction of the light within. That feeling can have the person pulling inward and retreating from others. When that happens, his or her entire existence can become only about their inner darkness and the suffering that it causes.


The way out of this dark place is by reaching out to others and ceasing to focus only on one’s own plight in life. By speaking with others, it helps us to open outward, especially if we really listen to whatever is going on in the other person’s life. Crucially, if we truly empathize with that person, that empathy can be life changing for us.


Why? Because empathy compels us to cultivate compassion in our hearts and compassion is what generates a higher form of love. That love can actually grow so expansive and powerful over time that it can have one feeling concern for the well-being of virtually all of humanity. It can have one interested in the plight of every creature upon this earth and for the planet itself. Such love can even prove palpable to us for the simple reason that it is energetic in nature and, therefore, subtly luminous.


Neuroscientists tell us that empathy generates serotonin – the naturally occurring feel good chemical in the body. Apparently, simply witnessing an act of kindness and compassion is enough to set the serotonin flowing within us.


The mystics and sages of the world tell us that the higher, more expansive, the love we generate for our fellow human beings, and all the earthly creatures with which we share this planet, the more luminous the inner life we can enjoy.


To feel good, then, couldn’t be easier. Simply reach out to others. Engage in “random acts of kindness”. Grow in compassion for all creatures and, above all, think of yourself as someone who is filled with light and love – because you are!


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