The Perpetual Energy Dream Machine by Wayne Saalman


ENERGY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED, nor destroyed, say scientists, which implies, in my opinion, that if each of us has what is known as an “energy body”, then it will continue to exist even after our physical body ceases and desists.


The cells that make up a human body have a definite lifespan, that we know, but what activates and propels those cells?


The answer, of course, is energy. More specifically, fields of energy.


The field that most activates and propels the cells in our physical body is electromagnetic in nature and has a shape, one that can be characterized as diffusely oval. It is more like a mist than a precisely defined construct.


There are other vital fields that play a role in activating and propelling our body’s cells. The greatest of these are solar and planetary fields, of course, and they are also of an electromagnetic nature.


The field that is generated by our own consciousness, however, is the one that has the most direct effect on us.


To use computer speak, if we upload positive, loving thoughts into our energy body, then it naturally expands. If we upload negativity, we cause it to constrict. This is down to brain wave patterns and the electrochemical streams we unleash in the body when we think in certain ways.


Many researchers, today, speak of “molecules of emotion” and scientists have a great deal of information on these neurotransmitters.


On the positive side, serotonin creates feelings of elevated well-being and dopamine gives us a sense of contentment. Endorphins block pain and oxytocin stimulates feelings of affection for others, making us feel close to them. A neurotransmitter named anandamide can actually cause us to feel fantastically blissful.


On the negative side are the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline, of course, is well known for stimulating a fight or flight response within us. When it is activated on a regular basis, even at a low-grade level, it can deplete the body’s organs of their vitality. Cortisol can actually poison us.


When we feel pain, when we feel nervous and anxious, we tighten up and we draw into ourselves. If we keep exposing ourselves to these negative internally created substances, in time we grow ill, we weaken, we waste away.


Historically, on the material, mundane plane, there have been claims that some engineering genius, here or there, created what is called a “perpetual energy” machine. Such a devise is said to be able to keep homes, shops and cities humming with free electricity theoretically forever. Such a machine was said to be a dream come true, but inevitably the tale then takes a sordid turn. The government, or big business, leaders get wind of the machine and they go to that person, steal his property and destroy his lab.


So the tellers of the tale would have it. The genius either ends up in jail or dead in these stories and his invention, the one that would have been so beneficial to humanity, gets hidden away, never to be seen again, so that big business and big government leaders can keep reaping the profits that let them live like kings and queens, that let the money keep pouring into their coffers unabated.


True or not true?


Who knows? We do know that certain inventors have been destroyed by government officials and big business leaders, but we cannot say that with any certainty about anyone who supposedly built a perpetual energy machine.


I do know this, however… There is such a thing as an energy body and it is the greatest perpetual energy dream machine in the cosmos. To verify its existence, one need only sit in meditation on a daily basis and grow quiet and still. Eventually, one can sense the energy body, one can feel it.


To pursue this wonder of nature, simply sit quietly away from all distractions, breathing slowly, in and out, paying little or no attention to thoughts as they flit through the mind (and they will). Eventually, however, as one’s brain waves slow to alpha and theta frequencies, one can become aware of something magnificent: pure consciousness, that which connects us to Mind At Large, to Cosmic Mind.


Eventually, in such a state, one can sense just how perpetual and immortal we humans actually are.


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