Einstein’s Pipeline: Flying the Light Sublime by Wayne Saalman

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AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, physicists tell us, time freezes.


This implies that if one actually attained the speed of light and arrived at a state in which time had stopped moving, or ceased to exist altogether, then one might well have burst through into what we commonly call “eternity”.


Eternity is said to be “beyond time”. It is said to be the spiritual home of all that exists and, therefore, the source of the human soul.


It goes without saying that a human being could never reach the speed of light in embodied form, but what about in a disembodied state? What if the “soul” or “energy body” or the “mind” actually could reach such a speed in some way? What if it did so by taking consciousness down to a molecular, or subquantum, level and pushing inward purely by will alone, or by exiting the body and flying off in some direction unimpeded by gravity?


People who have undergone near-death experiences tell us that they often arrive in the “Great Beyond” by first shooting off across the universe or by traveling through a kind of tunnel or pipeline at a staggering speed. Once they are in that place on the “other side”, they are sometimes able to move about there at astonishing speeds. Many have told us that just by desiring to be elsewhere, they essentially arrived in their chosen location instantaneously.


Some near-death returnees have reported being disembodied during these episodes, while others again stated that they had an ethereal form of some nature. All of this goes on while the gross physical body of the person remains on earth without any vital signs whatsoever.


The anthropologist, Jeremy Narby, in his remarkable book, The Cosmic Serpent, speculates that a tribal Amazonian shaman might well be taking his consciousness down to a molecular level when he drinks a psychoactive brew such as ayahuasca and subsequently flies off into some “Otherworld” in an effort to find a way to heal a patient or to gain valuable knowledge on some matter by conversing with the beneficent entities that exist there.


Einstein, of course, is famous for the thought experiments that led him to conceive his General and Special theories of Relativity. In these, he imagined himself riding a light wave. So vivid and sublime were these imaginings that they preceded his efforts to describe his insights in mathematical terms. Years later, Einstein stated how he believed that one’s “imagination is more important that knowledge”, which was no small declaration for a man of his genius to make.


Since Einstein’s day, countless people have imagined themselves flying down through his pipeline, seeking to experience what such a journey would be like for oneself.


The short answer is: It makes for a transcendental experience.


That’s because the mind is capable of sensing a range of vibrational frequencies that transcend the energetic frequencies found in the material world in which we humans physically live. Which is why it is totally acceptable, in both scientific and spiritual terms, to identify these frequencies as transcendental in nature.


As we know, all atomic systems are constantly in motion at all times and in all places in the universe. It is the speed of those vibrations that generates the solidity we experience in the material world. For example, the atoms in our hand are moving much too fast to pass through the similarly vibrating objects that it touches.


At transcendental speeds, however, the vibrating forms are less dense and, just as light rays can pass through other light rays, there is no impeding of one form in relation to another.


What rays and waves can be perceived by our human senses is limited, as we know, but we cannot speak with the same certainty about the sensing capabilities of the human mind when its attention is detached from that of the five physical senses. Near-Death returnees have testified time and again from all around the globe that the freedom of it is phenomenal and so too the expansion of metaphysical knowledge.


Yogic masters, for their part, often speak of their ability to achieve transcendental states of being and do claim that they can go so deeply “down” into meditative states that they are able to perceive forms of life existing there. The “beings” there are said to be embodied, just not grossly so. The Vedic masters of India have even gone so far as to classify and describe these beings in quite precise terms, while in the West, the ancients simply called them gods, angels and daimons.


Since the mind is capable of experiencing such beings, we might describe these entities as being a part of the same mental continuum that we inhabit. Perhaps, such beings could be described as superluminal in nature. Anything superluminal is said to be composed of photonic essences that exceed the speed of light as we experience it in this world.


Both yogis and returnees from the dead tell us that to think a thing in the Great Beyond is to immediately experience it. Perhaps all happenstance there occurs instantaneously. If so, one could never be wanting in such a “world” since instant fulfilment would be the norm. Such a realm would be, in a word, paradise.


From a certain perspective, perhaps, such a transcendental paradise might well be what we Westerners have long called Heaven. Once in it, perhaps, we could live for thousands upon thousands of years since time is said to differ in magnitude there enormously.


That is a comforting thought even if all of this is admittedly still a great mystery.


Mystery, however, is not such a bad thing, for as Einstein once put it, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystery.”


We are all free, of course, to at least attempt to find out how true all of this is by becoming yogis, mystics, shamanic psychonauts or Einsteinian pipeliners ourselves.


There’s an old saying: The proof is in the pudding.


For the brave and determined among us, this particular proof is in the pipeline.





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