The Cosmic Odyssey by Wayne Saalman


THE SPARK OF SPIRITUAL FIRE that animates a human body and brain, and constitutes the “real” me or you, I believe, is a microcosm of the macrocosmic energy field that pervades, permeates and suffuses the entire planetary sphere, if not the universe as a whole.


Scientific materialists, of course, deny the existence of the soul and that is their prerogative.


Remember this, however: these are the same good folks who tell us that a whopping seventy-two percent of the universe is made up of what physicists presently call “dark energy” – a substance so elusive that these same scientists readily admit that they have no idea what it actually is.


In brief, dark energy constitutes the greater bulk of the cosmos by far and is said to be a substance so mysterious and unfathomable that it cannot be detected by any means whatsoever! Dark energy, as a substance, is simply inferred to exist by virtue of what is required in theory to explain the gravitational behavior of all of the celestial bodies in the known universe, especially the most massive ones that are hurtling through the heavens.


Could dark energy be the very Mind of God? Is this what holds all of the cosmos together?


Nobody knows.


Which is precisely why no one should get too uppity about whether there is a “God” or a “soul” and so forth. Einstein in his day had no problem with such possibilities and even proclaimed “time” to be an illusion: “albeit a persistent one”.


I see human knowledge as a gateway phenomenon. It is but a small mat at the entryway, or threshold, of that gate. It is a plane upon which one should tread carefully and respectfully as one begins to make one’s way inward toward the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Source of Life.


Who or what inhabits the Sanctum Sanctorum? Could it be God? Or a group of advanced spiritual beings who exist in some collective manner or just some vast animating force of nature that does what it does?


The “fact” is nobody knows for sure, but almost every mystic, yogi, metaphysician or person who has had a near-death experience says that one of these possibilities the most probable answer is that there is a Supreme Being and that the Many come from the One and that the life force of the One creates and sustains the Many.


It is perfectly acceptable, of course, to be agnostic on the matter and simply admit that you don’t know. After all, new information, new data, can always come to light at any moment to convince us of something, be it in the form of a scientific or a spiritual “truth”, so why not just stay open to the entire range of possibilities?


In my opinion, any scientific materialist who arrogantly dismisses those who believe in higher forms of spirituality, or who thinks that agnosticism is just a wishy-washy kind of stance to take, is the suspect character really. It seems to me to be the height of audacity to make “absolute” pronouncements and claim authority on certain matters when any such pronouncement is clearly derived on information that is based on knowledge that is always a work in progress, for new “facts” arrive on a daily basis in the scientific world.


In contrast, staying open-minded about whatever “facts” seem to fit the preponderance of evidence currently at hand is fine, so long as one understands that tomorrow it could all change in some form, perhaps even dramatically so.


Anything is possible.


Buddhists say that what is “true” is that reality is empty of all absolute characteristics. The subconscious mind projects characteristics upon a blank screen based upon causes and conditions, and those projections are whatever we perceive, and subsequently define, them to be.


In other words, the screen is absolute, but the projection upon it is definitely relative.


Basically, we humans create our truths even as the Earth keeps flying through space, hurtling through a sea of dark energy, a sea that no one, not even today’s super brilliant scientific genii, can say exactly what it is or figure out how to even go about detecting it as yet.


That means that, for now anyway, we are all free to live and think as we wish, so long as it causes no harm to ourselves or others, and is based on the best insights that we can intellectually and intuitively conceive. In this way, we can make of the cosmic odyssey of life what we will and revel in our magical creation with all of the intrigue and fascination we can conjure.




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