Freestyle Spirituality by Wayne Saalman


“SYNCRETISM” IS A TERM that was coined to describe an approach to spirituality that is all-inclusive. A “syncretist” will take whatever personally appeals in a positive manner from the world’s numerous religious, metaphysical and philosophical traditions and, in conjunction with direct experience, create a totally freestyle viewpoint that serves to spiritually enrich them.


Freestyle spirituality, of course, is by definition rooted in relative, rather than absolutist, thinking. This will appeal to some, but not to others. After all, many if not most people prefer what are considered to be “absolute truths” where their spirituality is concerned. It can seem much too risky to most people, if not downright foolhardy, to just take one’s chances in this life by believing whatever one wants.


People say, “What do I know compared to the saints, mystics and famous philosophers of yore? Who am I compared to the popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, preachers, evangelists, rabbis, imams, lamas, rishis and religious scholars, to decide for myself what is true and what isn’t true?”


The surprising answer to that question is, “You are their equal. That’s who you are.”


Or to be more specific, “You are their equal, so long as you are willing to make a genuinely colossal and uncompromising effort to uncover the truth for yourself.”


That takes work. That takes contemplation, prayer, meditation and persistent rumination. That takes reading books and articles of substance at every opportunity. That takes opening up the mind, dismissing all boundaries and limitations, and having the willingness to accept whatever insight and evidence happens to present itself.


It also takes a certain realization: namely, that delusory thinking is rampant on this Earth and has been since time immemorial. The point is if one really wishes to become enlightened, to plumb the depths of the psyche-soul complex, there has never been a better time in the entire history of the world to move beyond the delusory thinking of our predecessors, for we enjoy more access to knowledge than any generation that has ever existed upon this planet. We have more resources for travel than ever before. Above all, the great “secrets” of the past have all come to light.


This last point is worth repeating: The great “secrets” of the past have all come to light in one way or another over the last half century or so. Every question has been answered if one is willing to seek out that answer.


There is, of course, one question that will probably never be answered and that is how did life as we know it begin? If there is a God, how did God come into being? If the universe erupted out of nothing, how can that possibly have happened?


This one question aside, the proverbial “truth” is out there.


Even better, it is within us if we are willing to search for it in a consistent manner. We can do it in our own way too. Which is not just a little bit lucky. It is phenomenally lucky.


So lighten up. The way forward is as clear as day, for the freestyle path to liberation is as wide open as the sky above us and even more so as the boundless mind within.



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